Lion’s Share College Planning assist families in choosing the right financial vehicle to save for their children's higher education. With our college planning software. A family can learn what, when, where, and how  to properly plan for their future.

We take a personal interests in meeting every individual need. Whether it is assisting in understanding how medicare works or making sure how to properly manage your healthcare, properly planning so that your healthcare costs doesn’t out pace your income.

Through our business consulting we assist in establishing goals for branding growth and succession planning.

At Lion’s Share we have established a strong insight of the benefits for government employees. With this knowledge we assist in using the value of each one’s benefits while also expanding opportunities to create wealth.

Lion's Share capital management services begin and end with the relationships we share with our clients. Unlike many advisors, who only offer proprietary products or pre-built portfolios for their clients. We collaborate with small business owners to high-net-worth individuals like you to develop customized strategic investment and wealth management plan.


As a business owner you require a different approach to wealth management because you have different wealth management needs than most. Much of your wealth is likely locked up inside your company. Whether you are an established entrepreneur, new small business owner, or part-time consultant, there are many financial risks and opportunities associated with running a company.

Planning for a happy and healthy retirement goes beyond just saving and investing; it requires you to navigate a progressively complex landscape and make informed decisions along the way. One of the most critical decisions you need to make is how you will pay for health care once you’ve left the workforce. If you have already left the workforce is how will you continue to pay for health care.


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