Our Mission

To help individuals achieve their long-term financial goals and empower them to take control of their financial lives by understanding their needs and implementing tailored solutions.

Our Team

Lion's Share representatives come from all walks of life and from many different vocational backgrounds operating mainly in the south-east and nationwide. We are proud to have over 200 licensed representatives serving communities and who love what they are able to do for families and businesses.

Our Business is You

Our business is you and your financial well-being. Because we believe planning and advice should go well beyond simple asset allocation. It’s about your entire life and managing the complexities that come along with it. All the twists, turns, ups and downs. A Lionshare financial advisor can pull it all together with sophisticated advice and a detailed plan for the long term.

Our Advantage

At Lion’s Share, we have established our own proprietary system of strategic planning. By utilizing our Quadrant System as part of the process in planning.  It will give you a true evaluation of what stage of your goals and where you are currently. At the same time potentially establishing a more sound view of what is needed to meet you and your family's financial goals.


Working in conjunction with the Quadrant System- We use a strategic process with a partner program that is 2nd to none. The “LIP” program is a cash flow ratio modeling tool in which the information from the house data from is entered. Once entered we can show you what retirement will be for you and your family. Many times we can make suggestions through using the LIP system to help in reaching your goals.

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R. Tim Thomas

To lead in the world of Wealth Management, you need the right tools.

R. Tim Thomas has been associated in the Insurance, Wealth Management, and Financial Planning industry for more than 30 years. During this time has held several positions including working with personal clients, training and recruiting news representatives for the News Industry. Tim has also held numerous management positions throughout his career.

He founded Lionshare Financial Group in 2010. As President, Tim is dedicated to helping independent financial advisors fulfill client goals through a unique integration of technology and service. He also oversees the firm’s robust platforms focused on wealth management, portfolio construction, investment products, advisory services, financial planning, and retirement plans

His diversified background allows him to contribute valuable insights as he calibrates all efforts towards empowering advisors to better serve their clients.

He was also the driving force of the development of the Quadrant System. It is a game changer software and tool for Lionshare agents that will eventually be adopted down the road by many other Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firms.

Tim's private life consist of working with youth groups from sports to church. He enjoys spending with his family, Tim’s wife Suzi is a 32 plus year educator. They have 3 adult children who are successful in the personal lives and careers. Tim and Suzi loves spending time with their 4 grand children who keeps them busy with various activities.


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