Lion’s Share College Planning assist families in choosing the right financial vehicle to save for their children's higher education. With our college planning software. A family can learn what, when, where, and how  to properly plan for their future.

  • Pre-College Planning
  • College Cash Flow
  • Education Debt Management
  • Savings Plans

We take a personal interests in meeting every individual need. Whether it is assisting in understanding how medicare works or making sure how to properly manage your healthcare, properly planning so that your healthcare costs doesn’t out pace your income.

  • Comprehensive Review
  • Your Goals
  • Cost Analysis
  • Mitigating Medical Expenses

Through our business consulting we assist in establishing goals for branding growth and succession planning.

  • Business Evaluation
  • Trust & Estates
  • Business Transition Planning
  • Investment Review
  • Business Growth Consulting

At Lion’s Share we have established a strong insight of the benefits for government employees. With this knowledge we assist in using the value of each one’s benefits while also expanding opportunities to create wealth.

  • Investing and Savings
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Asset Protection


Your wealth management plans should determine what insurance coverage is right for you. At Lion's Share goal is to align your coverage.

We help you prepare for retirement your way, whether that means spending time traveling the world or spending time with your grandchildren.

Lion's Share is committed to helping people just like you create solutions for their retirement assets.

Lion's Share Insurance services for business executives who are responsible for the purchase and administration.

With cyber criminals becoming bolder and cyber attacks getting bigger and more frequent every year, business owners must take control of their security

Lion's Share can create simple plans to protect assets from creditors to safeguarding wealth across multiple generations.

Lion's Share affiliated entity CPAs, our capital managers, and attorneys work together to offer our clients the best tax services.

A long-term care insurance policy can help cover the costs associated with long-term care.

At Lion's Share we are committed to offering independent, unbiased advice and proven solutions. We are strategy-driven not product-driven, and we base our investment recommendations solely on your needs and objectives. This conflict-free approach allows transparency of purpose and decision making, open communication, flexible solutions, as well as full disclosure of fees.

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