Lion's Share Insurance Planning

With all of the different types of insurance products available in the market today, it can be hard to distinguish the most appropriate one for your particular circumstance. Insurance is a form of protection against the uncertainty of different types of risk. Making the right decision, selecting the proper amount of coverage and the appropriate type, can add peace of mind and security to your financial goals. We believe insurance is a core component of your financial well-being.

It is imperative that your financial and estate plan takes into consideration the risks that you, your family, and your business cannot afford to take. In a portfolio, you diversify risk, but when it comes to protecting your ability to think, earn money, plan and create, how do you react? To protect your family, business and assets. The least expensive and most intelligent method is through insurance.

Lion's Share will review your current policies and determine if they are appropriate for your situation. We will make recommendations based on our analysis and findings. Keep in mind, insurance needs change over time. We will assist you with your insurance decisions now and continue evaluating your situation as it evolves.

Types of insurance protection:

  • Term insurance
  • Universal and variable life
  • Whole-life insurance
  • Accidental life
  • Disability and health
  • Long-term care (LTC)

Why Choose a Lion's Share Advisor

Your choice of the right financial and insurance professional is not a simple one. It could also be the most significant investment decision you will make in your lifetime.

A Lion's Share advisor will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your profile in order to create a structured plan based on saving and investing. Your goals will always dictate which financial instruments we will implement in pursuit of your financial success. We will help you maximize your financial efforts with a well-organized plan and continue to provide you with details and recommendations throughout your relationship with us.


We help you prepare for retirement your way, whether that means spending time traveling the world or spending time with your grandchildren.

With cyber criminals becoming bolder and cyber attacks getting bigger and more frequent every year, business owners must take control of their security

Lion's Share is committed to helping people just like you create solutions for their retirement assets.


Risk Management

Many business owners with growing businesses wear many hats and do not have the planning in place should they suddenly not be around. Being in that type of situation is a risky position for your business and family, in the case of your death, disability, or critical illness.

A Lion's Share advisor can help you reduce this risk by guiding you how you can protect your business in the case of one of your business partner’s death, disability, or critical illness. As well as your family.

Eliminate Financial Risk

Lion's Share capital management advisors have understanding of financial uncertainties. They have expertise in the field of taking critical financial decisions for you, should the need arise. Our advisors can help you manage your finances during the roughest market conditions, which can often lead to stress. Your advisor takes all your financial considerations in account while helping you achieve your goals.

Identify Potential Retirement Income Sources

Before you retire, you need to establish a retirement plan that will provide an adequate income stream and sustainable portfolio withdrawals for up to 25 or 30 years. A Lion's Share advisor can help you identify all your retirement resources, including Social Security, benefits, and estimate how long your retirement assets will last based on your budget, timeline and other assumptions.